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  • Christian Soto

    Christian Soto

  • Isaiah Fulson

    Isaiah Fulson

  • Finney Wap

    Finney Wap

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Sample frequently asked questions.

You Know What It Is

GBP is Ground Breaking Productions your one stop shop for hip hop

Who is Brian D:
1. Brian D is a trained, professional audio engineer with over 30 years of experience in Hip Hop genre.

What is A stem file

A Stem file is an audio file that contains a track split into four musical elements: A drums stem, a bassline stem, a harmony stem, and a lead stem for example. The Stem file also includes the original stereo master of the track for standard playback.

What is a two track mix

A two track recording is the end product of a fully mixed song originating from more than two tracks. The two tracks are the left and the right channels of a stereo speaker system or headphones. One speaker is for your left ear, the other speaker is for your right ear.


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